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Industrial Control

01Industrial Control

In my country's industrial energy consumption ratio, motor power consumption accounts for 60%-70% of industrial energy consumption, so motor energy saving has become the most critical item in industrial energy saving. ZITOLK is committed to helping customers improve productivity and reduce life cycle costs of motors with high-efficiency motor solutions, reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.



As we all know, the application field of instrumentation is extremely wide, covering industry, agriculture, transportation, environmental protection, culture, education, health, people's life and other aspects, providing reliable monitoring and feedback for contemporary social construction and human activities. ZITOLK can provide you with standard components and one-to-one customized solutions for communication components.

Medical Health

03Medical Health

With our rich experience in procurement and supply chain management, we can work with you to promote the advancement of medical and health technology. The demand for more minimally invasive, precise and early diagnostic devices is gradually increasing, and the "drug-based medical care" model in hospitals will gradually fade away under the promotion of medical policies, and new medical technologies and medical services supported by medical devices will gradually become more popular in the market. 

Communications Industry

04Communications Industry

Communication equipment manufacturers, service providers and operators are the major players in the communications industry, supported by the supply of raw materials and components to bring a better communication experience to mankind. Components are widely used in the communication field, from communication towers, communication antenna equipment, servers, switches, routers, etc. In response to the good industry growth prospects, fierce market competition, and higher customer requirements, ZITOLK, with its rich component procurement channels, cooperates with customers in the communication industry to make good use of digital tools to enhance its.

Consumer Electronics

05Consumer Electronics

Actively grasp end-user needs. From phones and TVs to smart appliances, consumer electronics are everywhere in our daily lives. We will procure the necessary components and manage the inventory for you, helping to develop the smart consumer life industry.

Advanced Technology

06Advanced Technology

With the advancement of 4.0, industrial technology will be further improved. ZITOLK is committed to advanced chip applications,

Provide customers with more intelligent and efficient solutions

Artificial Intelligence

07Artificial Intelligence

Whether it's industrial safety, motion control or designing industrial robots, you need a trusted electronics supply chain partner.ZITOLK will purchase and test the automation electronic components for you, your quality requirements for excellence.

Automotive Industry

08Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is a capital and technology-intensive industry with complex manufacturing processes and long product cycles, and is strongly linked to other industries such as information, machinery and electronics. With the rapid development of new technologies, such as the Internet and artificial intelligence, and the deepening integration with the automotive industry, the technology of the automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented changes and reshaping. Components contribute to the innovation of technology, and together with ZITOLK, we can help you grasp the technological opportunities of the automotive industry.

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