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It is our persistence as before. Adhering to authentic products, ensuring product quality, and following the process are the guarantees that support us to become a world manufacturing service provider. From the supplier management audit, the check of the order form and the delivery order, the regular comparison, the appearance inspection, etc.,ZITOLK Technology always follows the established procedures and steps, focusing on every detail to ensure that the electronic components are in compliance.

01Check item

Checking of pre-order and delivery list, regular comparison, visual inspection (burning, bending, oxidation), quantity

Disposal of environmentally friendly products such as RoHS products (at the time of label verification)

Inspection records: Yes (stored for 5 years)

Batch inspection record: Yes

Qualified Inspectors: Only qualified personnel who meet our regulations can be inspected. When working, wear anti-static clothing and anti-static slippers, install an anti-static wrist strap on the anti-static mat, and do not touch the container with bare hands


02Warehouse management

How to store inventory: The storage location is an ordinary air-conditioned office in an anti-static room.

Model and storage quantity control: recorded in the inventory management ledger

Overdue management law: two years in principle.

Operations such as storage expiration: stored on shelves dedicated to defective products. Defective product inventory is accounted for when it occurs, and it is discarded at the end of the fiscal year one year after the occurrence.

Items to check when shipping: Match the receiving receipt with the product name, quantity, and packaging specification with the actual product.


03Shipment inspection

How to Check: All Checks

Inspection items: accept inspection confirmation, match the actual product, address confirmation, other confirmation items (if any)

Inspection records: Yes (stored for 5 years)

Packing materials: anti-static bag, use vacuum packer, vacuum machine


Our quality inspection process reflects the fundamental emphasis on quality of the inspection

system established by Zitong Technology Components are inspected, measured, inspected and tested inside and out to ensure products

meet the highest customer standards
  • 包裝檢驗

    Packaging Inspection

  • 文件检查

    Document Verification

  • 影像存档

    Image Archiving

  • 标签核对

    Label Verification

  • 外观检查

    Visual Inspection

  • 测量


  • 测试

    Function Testing

  • 质检完成



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